Chicago Fire 1.1 for iPhone available in the App Store.

The Chicago Fire app & web site has been updated! Version 1.1 includes updated content by Prof. Carl Smith, improved user experience with the zoomable image viewer on mobile devices and an upgrade to iOS 5. One new additional feature in the update is that all images have been perma-linked. This was something that was planned for in the original release and is now available.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get it now! This app features the most comprehensive collection of content from the Chicago History Museum, insightful commentary, first-person accounts of the fire, hundreds of visuals digitized with high resolution, and a great set of tours that take advantage of the geo location tools from your iPhone.

View images of the fire’s destruction aftermath and see what the city looked like in before and after views from 130 years ago. Look at items that were retrieved from the fire. Listen to songs about surviving this traumatic event, as performed live by Patrice Michaels.

This app is great for anyone touring the city of Chicago, and viewers from afar. Learn about this historic event and the spirit of the times. A slice of life from a time of rapid change in history.