Crew about campus


We’ve had an action-packed shoot over the last two days, with production beginning yesterday afternoon in the Reading Room of Deering Library and continuing this morning at 6AM on a very picturesque, but very chilly Lakefill.  We also shot scenes in the general chemistry lab in Tech last evening (above photo), and finished up shooting today with Coach Fitzgerald, QB Dan Persa and other NU football team members on the practice field (see below).  I could not be happier with the way things are progressing as we move from scene to scene- from our cast and extras, whose enthusiasm and dedication is really outstanding, to our NUAMPS crew and our production counterparts at University Relations, who are keeping this production machine moving smoothly and efficiently- this is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences that I’ve had on set with NUAMPS.  Thanks everyone, and keep up the amazing work!  GO CATS!


A few shots from the last 24 hours (photos by Jane Wang/Stefani Foster):


Jane loading out of Deering.


Golden hour on the Lakefill.


Canon 5D Mark II with Mark I.


#48 Roderick Goodlow, #7 Dan Persa, Coach Fitz, #75 Al Netter, and #5A Take 2 John Zachary.