Next 48 hours

Waa Mu concert Set-up – May 5th

Video Crew
Chris Wickman
Evan – from 9am-12:30pm
Micah – 12:15 – 5pm

Jib Operations
Mark Sofil

Audio Crew
Dave Look- helping Don w/ audio
Don Kenyon

9:00 AM     – Stef, Mark S, Wickman, Evan T, Erin, meet at 4th floor storage, load out

9:00 AM – Don Kenyon and Dave Look arrive at Cahn with sound equipment, set up

9:30 AM     – NUAMPS Crew arrive at Cahn Auditorium, Set up

10:00 AM – Mark Sofil arrives at Cahn with jib, Set up (needs 2.5 hours)

12:15 PM – Micah Arrives

1:00 PM – Break for lunch

2:00 PM – Camera Tests

4:00 PM or before – Break down cameras, put in equipment locker at Cahn

Waa Mu Performance May 6th

Video Crew

Director – Harlan
Asst. Director – Mark
Cam Stage 1 – Stef
Cam Stage 2 – Chris Wallace
Cam Jib Operator – Mark Sofil
Cam opposite jib on raised platform – Stephen
Cam rear center of auditorium Chris Wickman
Cam locked down on balcony – Sean
PA – Erin
PA – Chris A – Helping Jib op.
PA – Carole

Audio Crew
Dave Look- helping Don w/ audio
Don Kenyon

2:30 PM – Stef, Mark S, Stephen P, Chris Wickman, Chris Wallace, Sean C, Carole W, Erin K, Chris A, arrive at Cahn.
– Finish setting up, have everything in working order.
– Waa 2 Shoot (Exact Time TBD)

4:30 PM – Break for dinner

7:00 PM – All Crew back at Cahn

8:00 PM – Waa Mu show starts

11:00 PM – Waa Mu show ends

11:30 PM – 1:30am – Tear Down, 2 crew to B181 to start unloading firestores

Mark Skala
NUAMPS Video Production Specialist
(708) 768-6137