Three brothers, one table


Today, NUAMPS shot and directed a 5 minute short film for Kellogg portraying a real-life interaction between three brothers, owners of a supermarket chain in Australia, over their kitchen table one night back in the 70s.  Produced by Carol Zsolnay at the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises, the actors were led by Michael Menendian of the Raven theater, who performed the scene with his fellow actors Greg and Ron.  While we were filming, Richard, the real-life son/nephew of the men in the piece, in from Australia for business with Kellogg, stopped by to see how things were progressing.  He seemed quite impressed with our recreation his boyhood kitchen (considering we were shooting it in an office on the 6th floor of the Jacobs Center), and he wished us all well.  Shooting narrative film is a different beast than our usual documentary fare, but we all enjoyed the change of pace this project allowed in the middle of a very busy winter production schedule.  Onward!