Videoconferencing keeps Bienen School of Music students in touch with their professor

Chris Millard, Principal Bassoon of the National Arts Centre Orchestra and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and Bassoon Professor at the Northwestern University Bienen School of Music, is able to continue lessons with his students while on the road at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada.  Using videoconferencing technology with a high-speed connection of 2mbps, both Chris and his students are able to see and hear each other in high resolution audio and video during their sessions.  

The student musicians, 9 in total, each performed various pieces which had been assigned by Prof. Millard from from their previous lesson.  Taking advantage of this technology allows the students to continue their lessons while their professor is away from campus.  

Each student receives individual attention and instruction on fingering techniques, breathing and a number of other highly detailed yet subtle aspects of musicianship to improve their performance.  Future sessions are planned while Chris is on the road later this quarter performing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.