Introducing Science in Society

NUAMPS announces the launching of Science in Society (, a new online “e-magazine” dedicated to offering the public an engaging view of the way science impacts our lives as well as providing an entry point to the exciting research efforts at Northwestern University and across the world. The site was developed by AT designers and developers in partnership with Northwestern University’s Office of Research and the Center for Genetic Medicine under the editorial direction of Mike Kennedy, Director, Educational and Research Programs, Center for Genetic Medicine.

Science in Society features articles that explore not only science, but the legal, ethical, and economic implications of research as well. The site offers a single access point to find science outreach events at Northwestern designed for the public, and it includes a media library which showcases a number of videos produced by NUAMPS. The site was developed and is updated using the open source content management system Plone and the Academic Technologies-developed Plone product Origami.