From Washington D.C. and the CNI Fall Task Force.

Bill Parod and I presented on the Imag(n)ing Shuilu’an Mellon Funded project, detailing the process of our collaboration with the Xi’an Center for conservation and preservation. Couldn’t make it ? handoutI’ll upload the Pdf handout when back in the world of real broadband ( not hotel broadband ).

I sat next to this guy at the opening plenary during the AWMF Open Source awards. One of the unexpected highlights of the conference was getting a chance to be photographed with internet royalty. It was quite a set of open source luminaries receiving the Mellon awards. One of the big prize winners was the group from New Zealand responsible for Moodle. It always interesting to remember that behind all sorts initiatives, work efforts, products and developments are people who actually do the work. Sometimes you can meet, if however briefly, people that create things that may in fact, change the world.

Harlan Wallach and Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Here I am next to someone really smart, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

(photo credit : Ira Fuchs )

And then there is the downside of traveling to conferences, which is, the traveling itself. Getting from one place to another in the winter, if your point of origination or destination is Chicago. The 5:40 pm flight from DCA -> ORD has been cancelled. Now scheduled on the 8:15 pm. We’ll see. Doesn’t look too good.