More Open Academe

This from the Fedora Commons :

The above is a relatively short (16 min) informational video about a specific open source initiative that NUIT AT is rather deeply involved with. Although uncredited, a portion of the above was produced here in AT/NUAMPS with the guidance of AT’s Bill Parod, Architect for Scholarly Technologies and Sarah Marcus of the Chicago History Museum. The project featured is the The Encyclopedia of Chicago History. We are currently partnered with the NU Library in the development and deployment of a Fedora based repository within the NUL’s information architecture. More from the Fedora Commons website:

“Fedora Commons provides sustainable technologies to create, manage, publish, share and preserve digital content as a basis for intellectual, organizational, scientific and cultural heritage by bringing two communities together.

Communities of practice that include scholars, artists, educators, Web innovators, publishers, scientists, librarians, archivists, records managers, and museum curators who present, access, or preserve digital content.

Software developers who work on the cutting edge of open source Web, semantic and enterprise content technologies to ensure that collaboratively created knowledge is available now and in the future. “