Welcome to the NUAMPS Blog: It’s Hungry

We at NUAMPS throw the phrase content monster around quite a bit. Anytime someone comes to us to discuss the prospect of creating a new online publishing platform or initiating a long-term media project, we tell them, “That sounds great, but you have to realize you’re creating a content monster. It will never be satiated, and you will never be through feeding it.”

Well, NUAMPS, you’re creating a content monster. It’s called the NUAMPS Blog. Welcome.

So why do it? Like all of our partners and clients, we do it because we want to connect with a broader community, but we also intend to build a different type of connection. NUAMPS has an online face – https://mediadesign.it.northwestern.edu – where people can learn about what we do. But it does little to share our processes or intentions. It is here in the NUAMPS Blog that we hope to launch a conversation both with those interested in our product and those interested in our process.