Screen Capture Videos

Within NUIT Academic Technologies, we develop complex intellectually challenging software. Upon completion of one of these projects, we sometimes discover another challenge — explaining how to use the software. Often that can be accomplished with a brief paragraph, but there are situations which call for something a little more exegetic and illuminating. NUAMPS recently worked with Architect for Scholarly Technologies, Bill Parod, to produce videos that explore two AT projects.

The screen capture videos showcase AT work relating to two Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded projects, Fedora and Monk/WordHoard. Though Fedora was used extensively in the development of the Encyclopedia of Chicago History, most users are not aware of the digital object repository system’s critical role in getting the vast library of information online. WordHoard is an extremely feature-rich text mining application and is one of the building blocks of the new Monk project. Monk will combine the text mining capabilities of WordHoard with visualization features of the Nora Project.

Need a little more information? Take a look at the videos.