Radiology and Radiologic Anatomy

NUAMPS recently launched the Feinberg School of Medicine Radiology and Radiologic Anatomy website. Development of the site was funded by an Augusta Webster, MD, fellowship on Innovations in Medical Education awarded to Dr. Larry Cochard, assistant professor of medical education, and Dr. Lori Goodhartz, assistant professor and director of radiology education in the department of radiology.

The site, an interactive companion site to Feinberg’s first and second year curriculum, provides a platform for viewing and identifying structures in MRI, CT, and X-Ray imaging as well as plates from the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy. The custom Flash-based viewer allows students to study individual images or selected image pairs. These selected image pairs illustrate how common structures appear in different imaging techniques.

The Radiology and Radiologic Anatomy website is only accessible to the Northwestern University community.