Web Development Team Releases Early Build

Earlier this week, the software development team paid a visit to the Bienen School of Music to share an early alpha build of our upcoming project, currently named Voice Tracker. 

Voice Tracker is a tool to help vocalists log their vocal expenditures and keep track of how the quality of their voice changes from day to day. Additionally, the app logs water consumption, vocal rest, and illness.

To build this app, the software development team has been working with Terry Brancaccio of the Bienen school. As an agile development process, it’s important that we get an early build in front of potential users and collect their feedback. We were able to meet with 10 of Terry’s current students and introduce them to the app. Over the next few weeks, these students will log how much they use their voice and report back to us on their experience.

These early adopters will surely uncover a number of bugs and discover some points of confusion in the user interface. This is to be expected. As we gather data from these users and find out what gives them trouble, we will refine the application to ease their pain points and fix newly discovered bugs. The app has been well received thus far, and we look forward to making it even better!