Experience Acquia Chicago

The Media and Design software development team recently attended Experience Acquia Chicago.  The half-day summit showcased a long list of customer success stories including Acquia, AMD, SAB Miller, Purina, Tesla, and Xerox. During Experience Acquia detailed how companies are using the newly launch Acquia products to help manage their web presence.

Specifically, Lynne Capozzi, presented her plan to champion Acquia solutions during the recent rebranding of Acquia.com, with a primary focus of setting an example of how clients can capitalize on Acquia provided solutions to improve their company web presence.

Products highlighted during the Summit include Acquia Journey and Acquia Site Factory.  Acquia Journey is a recently launched solution aimed at allowing clients to create real-time customer experiences based on modern customer tracking within their sites.  Acquia Site Factory was featured as a solution for containing digital sprawl, maintaining branding across sites, and decreasing the time required to launch new sites.

For more details on the Experience Acquia Chicago event, please visit http://events.acquia.com/experience-acquia-chicago