Project SEARCH Internship Summary

Guest Blog Writer:  Jordan Lachman

Nate and Jordan

Nate and Jordan

My name is Jordan Lachman. I grew up in the Chicago area and attended Glenbrook North High School. I am a Project SEARCH intern at Northwestern University. The program includes three ten week internships on campus. My first internship was at Alumni Relations and Development and my current internship is at Northwestern Advanced Media Production Studio. Both internships were amazing and I liked them. Working on projects and being on set with the NUAMPS team has been very exciting.

They have taught me how to edit and create videos.  I set-up and broke down equipment on the sets of the Content Strategy MOOC, the Frontiers of Experimental Radio Astronomy Lecture, and the Talmud MOOC. I worked on post production for projects like Talmud, helping with video clips and audio.

Jordan and Aaron. Slating for the Content Strategy MOOC

I recorded timelapses and when I was done recording I uploaded it to after effects to make it a sharp and outstanding video.

I worked on document scanning.  I scanned documents on a printer and sent them to the computer to save in a documents folder, creating a digital record.

I helped my coworker with selecting the best pictures to put on Instagram (to share NUAMPS’ work) and I also took pictures and customized them to make them look amazing.

I worked on this video called Northwestern birds. We used a Gopro camera to capture the ducks on the pond. We used a remote control boat with the Gopro attached to the boat to get the video footage.  The team was testing a new way to film b-roll to see if it would work.



Storyboard Activity

Some of my coworkers were developing an animation workshop for a class of chemistry students.  I helped them test the product.  I create a project called Dog Meets Ball. First I had to create a storyboard about a dog and his ball. I drew the pictures and the captions on the storyboard paper squares. When I was done I used an iPhone to video myself drawing out the story.  Then I had my coworker, Laura Kick, narrate the story.  This is the process that the students would go through, if it would help with their projects.  Testing the workshop helped my coworkers know how to improve it for the students.

I liked working with the NUAMPS team and they kept me busy. They taught how to work with the team and I did a team building exercise.

I like to socialize with the team. It taught me to be open minded about working with other people in a group.

Team Building exercise

Team Building exercise

My team for the group activity

My team for the group activity: Irene, Nate, Aaron, and myself.

I learned a lot of amazing skills and programs that I could download at home like Adobe. I plan on going to college to study computer skills and gaming skills.