Animation Workshop Part 2

Blog 2 Photo 3Today we continued our Animation Workshop for Teri Odom’s Chemistry 105 class!  We started with a demonstration of the One Button Studio, located in the Main Library 1 South tower.  This studio allows for the quick and easy creation of videos.  Presenter(s) speak to the camera and have the option to show a powerpoint presentation on the monitor next to them.  All it takes is the push of one button to record and save the video to a flashdrive!

We then moved to the Lightboard Studio in Tech.  This unique space allows presenters to illustrate concepts on a clear glass board and overlay a powerpoint as needed.  The camera looks into a mirror, reversing the image so that text written on the lightboard is readable both to the presenter and to the video audience.

Blog 2 Photo 1


Blog 2 Photo 2

From here, students will write scripts about nanotechnology or chemistry concepts and turn these scripts into final videos at the end of the course.  We always love working with Teri Odom and her class for this workshop and can’t wait to see the final products!