Animation Workshop Part 1

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This week, FSS and AMPS are partnering to host a introductory animation & explanatory video creation workshop for Professor Teri Odom’s Chemistry 105 class!  The goal of this 2-part workshop is to introduce skills and technologies that the students can use to create a final project.  This year, we’re focusing on phone/tablet-based solutions (Lapse It, Adobe Clip, Tellagami Edu, & Pinnacle Studio) and on-campus production options (One Button Studio & Lightboard Studio).

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Today, we started with a discussion of storyboarding and the importance of thinking through your story and explanation before beginning to film or animate (lead by Mohammad).  Working in small groups, students created a brief storyboard that they then used in the breakout sessions.  Brigita worked with one group of students on hand-drawn animation using Lapse It and Pinnacle Studio.  Simultaneously, Laura and the second group used Tellagami and Pinnacle to create an animated direct address video with different static background images.  Then the two groups switched stations.  The goal of the breakout sessions was for each group to have the opportunity to test out the technology and to do a proof of concept project.

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On Thursday, we’ll continue this workshop with demonstrations of the One Button Studio and the Lightboard Studio.  We’ll also be hosting office hours in case students have additional questions as they proceed with their individual projects.