Kellogg On Growth Conference

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November 10th, 3 months in the making, is the full day of the Kellogg On Growth Conference. The event, quite unlike any other on campus since I’ve been here (9 years), and probably many more years than that, is an event encompassing over 1500 students, faculty and staff all on the same day.  Beginning at 9am and wrapping up after 9pm, in 6 locations across campus, with corporate sponsors, high profile guest speakers and a fully organized student group involved in putting this event together – this is the Kellogg on Growth Conference.

Growth Forum Space Plan overview

Northwestern Information Technology’s role in the event covers the video capture of the opening session, live streaming (opening and closing session), support for track sessions in Cahn, Pick Staiger, Galvin Hall and Welsh-Ryan auditorium. and oversight of the technical components for the presentations throughout the day.


Right now I’m in the Cahn booth with Stephen Poon in AMPS and will be heading over to Welsh-Ryan to get setup for closing session later this evening.  In Welsh-Ryan, they’re using the the jumbotron for the presentations and a 4′ stage on the basketball court.  I’ll update with a photo later this afternoon.