Google Glass at the Medill Convocations, and the WCAS Convocation 2013

Owen Youngman demonstrates Google Glass for his colleagues.

It’s another day full of exciting graduation events!  This morning I visited Owen Youngman before the first Medill Convocation to film him wearing his new Google Glass as he and his fellow faculty members prepared for the ceremony.  Owen used Google Glass to take photos and post them online while conversing with colleagues and adjusting his ceremonial attire.

Weinberg graduates gather for Convocation.

About a mile north of the Medill celebration we are streaming the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences convocation.  The event started with a slide show highlighting some of the awesome things these students have done throughout their time at NU.  As graduates entered Ryan field, each department was accompanied by a banner proudly declaring the field of study of the surrounding students.  It is a gray day and wind threatened to knock mortarboards off heads as graduates waved enthusiastically at cameras and family members in the stadium.

Congratulations to all of the graduates, from every department! And welcome to the Northwestern Alumni Family!  Go Cats!