In Memoriam – Dawn Clark Netsch

Today we remember former Illinois Comptroller and Professor of Law Dawn Clark Netsch, who passed away on March 5th this year. A memorial service in remembrance of her life and service is being held at Northwestern University’s Thorne Auditorium, and we are on site to record and provide overflow room video feeds for the afternoon’s remembrance, featuring performances from the Merit School of Music and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

The series of memorial speakers include, among many notable figures, Dick Durbin and Sheila Simon. Dawn Clark Netch’s infectious personality affected everyone she crossed paths with. My first opportunity to meet her was when NUIT A&RT AMPS produced a series of Accelerated JD videos for incoming first-year students. Just one meeting was enough to be influenced by her everlasting wit and energy. Truthfully, as her slogan proclaimed, she was not just another pretty face.