Oncofertility Summit

Today is the second annual Oncofertility Reflections on the Humanities and Social Sciences summit.  Dr. Teresa Woodruff explained what the summit is doing on the Oncofertility Consortium blog:

Organized by Professor Laurie Zoloth and Dr. Lisa Campo-Engelstein, we have created a forum for discussion, deep thinking and new ideas that are focused on understanding the impact of existing and emerging reproductive technologies not only on young cancer patients but on the world at large. 60 colleagues are in town to share their recent thinking and scholarship in the areas of oncofertility ethics, economics, religious perspectives, feminist theory, parenthood and sexuality.

It is our hope that this summit is an environment that will ignite synthesis thinking on reproductive technology and reproductive health for society at large and we invite your comments. http://oncofertility.northwestern.edu/

They are using the Oncofertility Blog as well as Twitter to act as a way to cover the summit live and allow for others to participate from other locations.  Check out that post here.