Google Chrome

Google Chrome

For anyone that has a PC and is interested Google has release a new web browser Chrome.  It is available for download here.

What’s the benefit of using Chrome?  We haven’t really gotten that answer yet.  But as with every browser it will bring something worthwhile to the table.  Here are the benefits that I have found so far:

  • Internal Task Manager:  Each tab / pluggin in Chrome get their own process, so each process can be monitored separately, this allows us to see how much memory each site is taking up, or if one site is bogging down our entire browser
  • History:  The history tab is created with a timeline style and seems to be very helpful
  • View Source:  Something that is part of every browser, but Chrome gives us line numbers and a great build in search.  This seems like it will become a great development tool.  And hopefully there will be some nice pluggins coming soon.  (Not sure if anything will replace FireBug though.)

So far the worst part of Chrome is that I have launch Windows to use it which means that for me, it won’t be getting too much use, for now.

And, thanks Google for giving use one more browser to test, we didn’t have enough already…