Signs, signs everywhere signs!

I spent a good deal of time yesterday preparing some mockup signage for the NUL’s exhibit featured in the Chicago Festival of Maps . We’re doing the finals in Vinyl Lettering of course for a more gallery quality feel for the exhibit, but the anal-retentive designer in me always wants to mock up full-size models before I actually send anything off to print. Fortunately we have a wonderful large format printer that allows me to make up large tiled signage relatively quickly.

It was a worthwhile experiment: the first version I did seemed pretty small so that helped drive the decision to make the bigger title sign that you see in the picture above. To give you an idea of scale below is a picture of me next to the sign:

Ghost in the sign

That white shape is me. I am over six feet tall so that gives you an idea of the size of this thing. Why am I a white shape? Statement regarding the anonymity of the designer? Or maybe I didn’t like my picture…